Short Story Assignment – Digital Storytelling


I think during my story one core competency I used was creativity. when outside looking for an item to use with Aidan we thought about how government’s around the world are trying to ban plastic so we went to search for a piece of plastic and decided to base the story in around 2090 when plastic would have been banned for decades. Another way I was creative was giving my dad a costume and making him be the grandpa for the pictures, I cut out a beard using paper, I gave him some of my moms glasses and I gave him some hat that I had never seen him use before. I also asked my sister to be Mrs. Cindy and she came downstairs with teacher costume which my family got a kick out of. I think another core competency that we used was communication because we both had to share ideas and decide who’s idea to use. Another thing we did go at in communication was deciding who takes the pictures, who makes the sway document, who edits and who does the typing.

what I could have done better at. I procrastinated and I didn’t have much time to edit the story as much as I should have (I finished it on Friday but had a soccer game and had too referee two soccer games on Saturday). I rushed doing the photos but I might have thought of some other good ones to incorporate in the Sway. I could have tried to learn how to operate it a bit better since it was my first time using Sway and I didn’t have a clue on how to use it.

Digital Footprint

Digital Footprint Section

  1. Watched video on “Your Digital Footprint May Be Unflattering”
  2. How may my digital footprint affect future opportunities Ex. job opportunity, future education and career prospects?
  • If you post something online, you need to be aware that it stays on the internet and leaves a trail behind you and there could be possible negative effects (ex. comments on social media, pictures you or others may have posted, app use etc… as your online history which can be seen and tracked by others such as career prospects
  • If I post something inappropriate while still in school, I could risk being suspended or expelled


3. Describe at least three strategies that you can use to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe.

  • Create a strong password
  • Only post appropriate stuff
  • Ensure you have your “privacy settings” on

   Proper Tips for Googling / Online Searching Section:

  1. Watch video on various tips and tricks to use google searches
  2. Describe in detail two possible search tools to narrow the focus of your searches.
  • Quotation marks: By using quotation marks you can search for an exact quote
  • A dash: By using a dash you can exclude words ex. bass competition – fish – fishing (to remove millions of search results that have nothing to do with playing bass guitar)
  • Phrase or quote with missing words: use *  (ex. a little * * philosophy)

3. Perform a search on a topic of your choice.  I chose Dolphins (meaning mammals), because I knew there would also be the football team.

4. Perform it in an incorrect manner and then use one of the techniques to narrow search – talk about number of search results for each search and how this would help in your research – provide screen shots for evidence.

When I searched “Dolphins”, the Dolphins football team popped up (see below):

How would this help in your research?  By using a dash (-) you can cut unnecessary searches that don’t relate to your topic.

5. Pick one of the sites that came up in my search and create a proper citation for that site.

“Dolphins & Porpoises.” Vancouver Aquarium, Vancouver Aquarium,

Reliability of information section

  1. Watch a video on finding reliable information on-line.
  3. I know a site is providing reliable information if the website: (a) look for sites that are established institutions such as Government agencies non-profit agencies, foundations, colleges etc… (b) Stay away from Commercial Sites: stay away from sites that are run by businesses and companies as they are usually trying to sell something. (c) Consider the sites look: if it was poorly designed and amateurish, chances are it was created by amateur

Personal Learning Network Section:

  1. Using the C.R.A.A.P method (stands for Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, Purpose you can narrow down your searches to only reliable information Accuracy, Purpose you can narrow down your searches to only reliable information. Currency: When was it last updated? Is information correct? Revelance: Is this relevant to what I am doing? Authority? Who is author? What does URL tell you? Accuracy: Are they trying to sell you something?  Does information match your other sources? Purpose: Why did author create page?

Creating a PLN                                       

Step 1 – Review current networks: Think about if the information is true or its just someone trying to get likes on You Tube, facebook etc…

Step 2 – Separate and balance: personal life and work life.

Step 3 – Create a tool box to help gather info: gather reliable sites that you know can trust and bookmark regularly visited websites.

Step 4 – Stratify and join groups for you: buddies & mentors, professionals, niche passion groups etc..

Step 5 – Personalize to make it your own: professional interests, personal connections, favourite strategies, build the network organically

2.B. If I were to create a PLN, I would include a reliable website depending on the topic. I would also use youtube as I can search for whatever I want and make sure the information is reliable. I would also use a text book because the information is pretty factual all the time.

About Me

Hi I’m Tyler Wright and I come from Eagle Mountain Middle. One thing that you’ll find out about me is that I love soccer everything that I talk about is soccer. But that’s not the only sport I have played I’ve played Lacrosse for about 7 years but had to quit because soccer and Lacrosse would over lap and i couldn’t commit to both so I had to quit to play soccer on my team still. I also like something called wake surfing and its where you lay in the water with a boat about 6 feet away from you and your holding onto a rope, when you tell the driver to go he or she will set the speed to 11 kmh and you’ll get pulled up then your free to do what you want you can let go of the rope or go for some tricks. I am so far having a great time at heritage and cant wait to learn some new things.


Why does this picture mean a lot to me?

Two of my greatest heroes are standing there lifting up the bundesliga trophy for the last time of their life contributing to the 5-1 win over Enchant Frankfurt fc, with Franck Ribery scoring once and Arjen Robben scoring an emotional farewell as Robben retires after playing for Bayern Munich for 10 seasons and scoring 147 goals with almost all of them being his trademark goal cut in with the right shoot with the left and the the top corner it went. Defenders knew that he would do it every time but couldn’t do anything about it. now about Franck Ribery he played for bayern for 12 years of his career helping the club win everything.

Why does this video mean so much to me?

Some of the biggest achievements in soccer are winning the world cup, the balon’ dor or the champions league, this is what Bayern Munich my favorite soccer team did. not only winning the champions league but beating their rivals in the bundesliga. the match started out slow with both team being careful not to give away possession when in the 60th minute Mario Mandžukić scores giving Bayern the lead by only 18 minutes later Dortmund equalized with ilkay Gündoğan and tied up when everyone thought that the game was going to extra time Arjen Robben did his signature move cut in side and chipped the keeper giving Bayern the win and beating their rivals in the budesliga. 


what is a website I like?

I like watching YouTube just because there’s everything on there. on YouTube I like watching soccer highlights, FIFA 20, funny videos and more. say your having a bad day and you need some cheering up you could search up funny videos that make you laugh and cheer up. when I watch FIFA videos I can learn how to get better or watch people open packs. Another thing I like about you tube is that if I need to learn anything I can just search anything up and watch a video.

Image result for Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.” – Tim Notke

I like this quote because it shows that the under dogs can always win when the more popular team get ignorant. In the 2018-19 champions league Real Madrid had already won the champions league 3 times in a row and had played the first leg against Ajax and had won 2-1. When Ramos decided to get a yellow so he didn’t have to play in the 2nd leg because he thought that Real were going to win. In the second leg Ajax worked harder and proved that hard work beats talent and beat Real 4-1, knocking the team that had won it 3 times in a row out humiliating the team but mostly making Ramos look like an idiot.