What I Want to Learn in English 9

What I Want to Learn in English 9

Learning new vocabulary and the history of the English language are some things I would like to learn in English 9. I am also interested in learning to add more descriptive words to my assignments, essays, and short stories. Some things I would like to do better in are:

  • Grammar
  • Shortening run on sentences
  • Introductory paragraphs
  • Conclusions
  • Developing characters’ personality/ personalities
  • Describing scenes in short stories
  • Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation of words

Public speaking and speeches are things I’m not the best at. I would like to learn to overcome my stage fright and excel at writing great, informative speeches.

Short stories are also something else that I want to improve. I love reading and writing stories but I find it hard to make the story and the characters’/character’s speech flow.

I want to learn more about writing good thesis statements, introductory paragraphs, body paragraphs, and conclusions for my essays. Normally, my structure and sentences are all over the place when I write them (well, at least in my opinion). So, I would like to improve them.

The things I want to get the most out of English are better grammar, sentence structure, good flow in essays and short stories, some knowledge of the English language history, and better vocabulary.

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