French Revolution Broadcast

French Revolution Broadcast



I have used creative thinking and critical thinking to come up with names and ideas for this news broadcast. Using some critical thinking about facts and things often bought before and during the French Revolution, this helped me and my group find a product and a creative name for our advertisement. I also used critical thinking for finding information about the Great Fear, a part of the French Revolution we’ve decided to do the presentation on. Together, me and my group have found out when it has started, the causes of the Great Fear, the result of it, and what had happened before the Great Fear. We’ve also researched for information about the fall of the political prison, the Bastille. This event had occurred before the Great Fear and has given us ideas for the news broadcast.


I have collaborated and conversed about the information me and my group have found out about this topic. We’ve shared our ideas for this broadcast so that we can make it as great as possible. We have all shared our ideas and researched as many sources as possible to find information for this broadcast. Though we didn’t talk that much, we have shared information we’ve found out about the fall of the Bastille and the Great Fear in a Word document. At times, me and my group have had disagreements to how we were going to say things in the broadcast, whether we should add accents or not, the things we should add to the script, and so on.

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  1. Good work on your assignment Enda. Be sure to tag and categorize your work in future. I have done it for you here but otherwise we will not be able to find and mark your work. 5

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